Steam Seems to Be Banned in China

Gaming Posted at : January 16, 2022

Steam Seems to Be Banned in China

Users in China claim that their Steam stores and communities have been blacklisted, rendering them inaccessible in the country. When Steam China first launched in February, it had a small game display. This site is still up and operating, but Steam Global, which includes more games, is currently unavailable in the United States due to the holidays.


The move came as a surprise, but it was in line with the Chinese government's recent actions on video games. On November 15 of this year, Fortnite was banned in China. The amount of time children could spend playing video games was limited to three hours. Cryptocurrencies were also outlawed.

To create new games, aspects that go against Chinese traditions should be avoided, including "femininity," which is one of the criteria that must be met. It was stated two months after this decision that no game had been approved since it did not fit the criteria.

Steam Seems to Be Banned in China


One of the games that isn't restricted on Steam is CS: GO

These decisions will have little impact on the most popular games in China, DOTA 2 and CS: GO. Many tiny game producers, on the other hand, rely on their Chinese fans to stay afloat.

On Steam, for example, Monster Hunter World features a Chinese version that outnumbers the English version. Nine of the top ten comments on It Takes Two, which won the "Game of the Year" title at The Gme Awards, were written in Chinese. Although Call of Duty Mobile is a different game from Steam, the global player count is equivalent to the global player count in China. For game makers, the country is a large market, but it vanished virtually suddenly around Christmas.

The site's blacklisting indicates that Steam is now unavailable in China and has been blocked on purpose. Posts on Resetera and Reddit backed up the claim.

It's unclear what impact this event will have on China, but it's apparent that it's the country's biggest gaming constraint.

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